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Creating Bespoke Structures

Here at Elite Portal Frames, we create bespoke structures as every building is unique.

There are many elements that make every structure different. For example, the number of storeys to be supported, the spans and any existing layout needs to be considered in additions to these factors you may also need to consider any new layouts that are required.

Structure types


Cross beam

A cross beam is a structure comprising of two members connected at right angles.

two beams with tie beam

This type of structure is commonly used when extending houses,

Goal post

Goal post is often used when opening up the rear of a house, as the structure comprises of two columns and a top beam it can be used if there is no party wall in place.

goal post with cross beam

This structure is commonly used when creating openings for bi folding doors, The beam would support a wall or existing timber joists.

cranked shaped steel work

Double cranked beam, which is supported from a main beam. This type of structure is used when add additional floors to an existing building.

corner beams & post

Structures like this are often used for rear extensions to install doors and windows at the corner of a structure

Double goal post with cross beam

These types of structures are used when two parallel walls are removed

fabricated beams

At Elite Portal Frames Ltd we supply a wide range of steel sections for house extensions, we can fabricate and deliver within 24-48 hours we delivery nationwide.

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