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Steel corrosion prevention methods are crucial for structural longevity. Here are three prominent techniques utilized by Elite Portal Frames Ltd:

  1. Painting/Primer: Employed to create a barrier against water ingress, thereby impeding oxidation reactions. Primer treatments offer diverse aesthetic effects while leveraging compounds like zinc phosphate. These compounds disrupt anode formation on the steel’s surface, yielding cathodic and anodic inhibitors. At Elite Portal Frames, we standardize red & grey primer treatment for structural steel, unless specified otherwise, though this method is not recommended for outdoor exposure.
  2. Cathodic Protection: This technique minimizes corrosion by inducing the steelwork to function as an electrical cathode. Utilizing reactive metal alloys such as magnesium or zinc, it establishes a sacrificial anode system, where the sacrificial metal corrodes to shield the protected steel. Widely employed in safeguarding infrastructure like fuel pipelines and steel storage tanks.
  3. Galvanizing: Distinguished into three types catering to various steel applications:
    • Zinc Plating: Involves immersing steel in a zinc bath via electrical current, suitable for safeguarding screws due to its thin (10 microns) coating, albeit unsuitable for outdoor usage.
    • Continuous/In-Line Galvanizing: A hot-dip process applied to steel sheets, strips, and wires, commonly used for products like brick ties but not viable for post-galvanization cutting due to potential loss of protective zinc layer at cut edges.
    • Hot Dip Galvanizing: Among the most effective methods, it entails coating steel with a zinc layer, forming zinc-iron alloy layers offering superior abrasion resistance. The resulting zinc oxide carbonate film further enhances protection, even in case of scratches, extending the steel’s lifespan, especially in outdoor applications.

Galvanizing offers myriad advantages, including corrosion protection, durability, abrasion resistance, low carbon footprint, and ease of maintenance, aligning with sustainability initiatives. Additionally, it facilitates aesthetic enhancement through painting or powder coating and remains recyclable, reinforcing its status as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution.

Elite Portal Frames Ltd adheres to a meticulous galvanizing process, encompassing surface preparation, galvanizing, and thorough inspection to ensure quality and proper coverage. With galvanized steel offering versatility, longevity, and ease of fabrication, it stands as a cornerstone in preserving structural integrity while meeting diverse industrial demands.


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