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Has your business been growing? If so, it may be time to add more floor space to your facility. If you have a building that has tall ceilings, it may be possible to install a steel mezzanine floor.


What is a Structural Steel Mezzanine?

A structural steel mezzanine is an intermediate floor in a building that’s usually found between the ground floor and the structure’s roof. The framing is fabricated out of structural steel beams and columns created by mezzanine manufacturers UK.

Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers UK

How Can Steel Mezzanine Floors Be Used?

Steel mezzanine floor manufacturers UK can create these floors for a number of uses. There are almost an unlimited number of uses for these floors. The uses and configuration of mezzanine floors depend on the goals and objectives of the company that needs/wants this type of addition.


Industrial mezzanine floors are made of heavy-duty materials, such as stainless or carbon steel. The type of floor depends on how the floor will be used. Industrial mezzanines have many uses that can include storage, more space for production and assembly areas, and more.


Mezzanine manufacturers UK make mezzanine floors most often for warehouses. Adding a mezzanine increases warehouse capacity without having to invest in additional buildings or having to refuse service due to limited space. Businesses that are expanding may run low on storage space. With a mezzanine floor, they gain more flexibility to add more space, shelving, and more.

Retail Spaces

Retail spaces can benefit from mezzanine floors, too. The most popular retail mezzanines are found in outlet stores, where more space is needed for displays and storage.


Workshops are spaces designed to manufacture products or items for sale. The business can fluctuate, causing space issues when the shop is busy. When this happens, the area becomes overcrowded and doesn’t have enough space for the employees to work safely or for storage of inventory. In this case, the mezzanine can provide additional work or storage space.

What are the Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor?

  • Mezzanine floors offer several benefits, including the following:
  • Increase space without having to move to new business premises
  • Cost-efficient way to maximise the space you currently have
  • Fast installation with minimal disruption to your business
  • Improve business performance by taking advantage of all available space and organising it to fit your requirements
  • Eases congestion in high-traffic areas of a business
  • Mezzanine floors can also be integrated with machinery.
  • Custom-built, bespoke, flexible design created by our professional team

Mezzanine floors are a cost-effective, versatile way to fix your space issues. With the right mezzanine floor manufacturers UK, you can add more space to your existing structure without moving to a new location!

Why Choose Elite Portal Frames for Your Mezzanine Floor?

We’re the number one mezzanine design company, and we’re proud to offer the most efficient sales processes in the UK. No matter what you need, our team is ready to take the pressure off and take full control of the design for your new mezzanine floor.

With over 25 years of industry experience, our highly skilled engineers help you choose the most appropriate flooring solution for your circumstances. Whether you need to enlarge your production area or require more storage space for your retail sales business, we’re here to help.

When you work with Elite Portal Frames, the best mezzanine manufacturers UK, you can count on a high-quality, durable, strong, and correctly built mezzanine. All of our products are bespoke—that means they’re individually crafted to fit your exact requirements, with all components prefabricated prior to delivery. This ensures less disruption at the site (your business!).

Our Process as Mezzanine Manufacturers UK

We first do a survey of your site, so we can design a customised mezzanine floor that perfectly fits your space. Using British Standard load tables and your requirements, we ensure that the capacity of the mezzanine floor is sufficient to handle the loads required.

Once we’ve done the survey of your premises, we then design the look and layout of your mezzanine floor using the latest CAD technology. You can contact us to learn more about our mezzanine design process.

What Can You Expect from Us as Mezzanine Manufacturers UK?

Our mezzanine floors offer your business more space, and you can rest assured that your new mezzanine floor will be made to spec, meeting all the requirements needed for its use.

For instance, installing your mezzanine floor into the free space right over your head is a fast, simple, and cost-effective method to get the space your company needs without the fuss of a building expansion or moving.

At Elite Portal Frames, we have various designs available. Our mezzanine floor specialists design and manufacture each mezzanine floor we install. We offer all the flexibility you need with a mezzanine designed specifically for your space.

When your mezzanine is installed, you’ll enjoy all the extra space! You can add an entirely new floor to your warehouse, retail store, office, and more!

As mezzanine manufacturers UK, we bring 25 years of experience to each project we work on. We also have a highly experienced and professional, trained team that works on your project.

Moreover, we’re certified by IPAD, CPCS, CSCS & IRATA International. That means you can rest assured that we make high-quality mezzanines that are made to spec and meet all certifications.

You can also count on great support! We guarantee you a stress-free build every time. And we offer competitive prices with free, no-obligation quotes. We won’t be beaten by any price.

We offer the following services:

  • Steel fabrication
  • Design
  • Delivery

No job is too big or too small. Our experienced and highly skilled team guarantees you a stress-free build with each project.

If you’d like to learn more about our mezzanine manufacturers UK services, contact us today! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about mezzanine floors or any of our other services. Let us know how we can help expand your current building with a mezzanine today!

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